Conference Resolutions

Our mission: To protect the public by promoting excellence in chiropractic regulation through service to our member boards

Our vision: The FCLB is the premier international resource for information and consolidated services for ensuring the safe, ethical practice of chiropractic

2021 - 94th Annual Conference (Virtual)
3-21 Recognizing Subluxation
FCLB acknowledges and recognizes the Chiropractic Subluxation as a known entity and as a diagnosis germane to Chiropractic
2-21 Radiographs
FCLB recommendations regarding the use of radiographs
1-21 Chiropractic Includes the Nervous System
The FCLB affirms that the nervous system is an essential element in chiropractic practice
2019 - 93rd Annual Conference (Mission Bay)
4-19C The term Chiropractic Physician
FCLB supports the use of the term Chiropractic Physician
1-19 Temporary Licensure
Support and encouragement for establishing temporary licensure provisions in every jurisdiction
2-19A Combating the Opioid Prescription Drug Epidemic
FCLB supports the alternative avenues in lieu of opioids for pain management (alternatives listed in resolution)
2017 - 91st Annual Conference (Orlando)
1-17 Pediatric Practice
FCLB supports the safe and effective care of patients of all ages, including infants and children, by doctors of chiropractic.
2016 - 90th Annual Conference (Phoenix)
1-16 Endorsement of FCLB PACE
Encouraging FCLB members to participate in the PACE program
2008 - 82nd Annual Conference (Atlanta)
3-08 Dues
To adopt a 5% annual automatic dues increase and to bundle one annual conference registration fee into the dues package effective January 1, 2009
1-08 Amending Articles of Incorporation with a 2/3 Vote
Updating the requirements for amending the articles of incorporation
2-08 Restatement of Articles of Incorporation
Restatement of FCLB Articles of Incorporation to more accurately reflect membership under 501(c)(3) status
2006 - 80th Annual Conference (Portland)
4-06 Malpractice Insurance
FCLB encourages member boards to promote that licensees maintain continuous malpractice coverage encompassing the entire scope of practice
5-06 Conflict of Interest
Directing the FCLB to develop a concise statement of principles, ethical behavior, non- disclosure, and conflict of interest for its volunteers and staff
3-06 CPR Emergency Training
FCLB encourages member boards to promote CPR and AED training in licensees.
2-06 Documentation and Recordkeeping
FCLB encourages member boards to require CE in documentation and recordkeeping, encourages CCE to include documentation and recordkeeping in the chiropractic curriculum, and encourages NBCE to reflect this in their exams.
2004 - 78th Annual Conference (Denver)
2-04 Dues Increase
To increase the member dues by $100 per category in 2005
1-04 Regarding Diagnosis
Affirming that DCs arrive at a diagnosis prior to commencing treatment
2001 - 75th Annual Conference (San Antonio)
2-01 Interjurisdictional Mobility
Recommended guidelines for member boards to move towards unification of interjurisdictional mobility of licensure.
1-01 Executive Fellow Seat
To amend the FCLB bylaws to include a position for an administrator from a member board to serve on the FCLB Board of Directors on an "ex-officio" basis.
2000 - 74th Annual Conference (Seattle)
1-00 Allowing a Board Administrator representative at the FCLB Board Meeting
Changing the necessary By-Laws to allow attendance of a representative from the Association of Chiropractic Board Administrators to the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards – Board Meeting
1999 - 73rd Annual Conference (Philadelphia)
2-99 Model Ethics Code
Adopting the Model Ethics Code as an official FCLB Publication for Voluntary Adoption or Adaptation by the Chiropractic Regulatory Boards
3-99 Model Disciplinary Code
Adopting the Model Disciplinary Code as an official FCLB Publication for Voluntary Adoption or Adaptation by the Chiropractic Regulatory Boards
1-99 Raising dues for the first time in 5 years
Resolved to raise dues effective January 2000